ABY Swimwear, is a homegrown brand born in Dubai, bred in Portuguese craftsmanship, and bound for the borderless fashion arena. 

The brand’s product philosophy has been heavily influenced by Dubai’s fashion-forward legacy and bustling spirit – converging multi-functional, high-performance design with poolside glitz and glamor.  

Luxe durable fabrics and vibrant colors combinations are just some of the brand’s signature elements.

Eco-Conscious brand

“The notion that fashion and sustainability can coexist is simple in theory. But in practice, the claim of ‘100% sustainability’ requires a great deal of commitment and transparency. It starts with sourcing sustainable fabrics, creating fair working environments, and limiting production quantities. My ambition with ABY Swimwear is to make eco-conscious decisions that contribute to the growth of the green fashion economy. It is a journey, and we are here for it,” says Abir Alkhalily, founder of ABY Swimwear.

Consume less and buy Better!

Aby xxx